I was born and raised in Connecticut. My parents immigrated from Ireland before my birth, and from my earliest days, I spent a lot of time in Ireland during the summers. My identity as the child of immigrants is central to how I perceive the world and my place in it as a storyteller and story reader.

Me enjoying teaching in Ireland, summer 2019. At the Vee Road in Tipperary. Photo Credit: Gemma Sutkiewicz

I love living in Cincinnati, and not just because of the presence of the amazing Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. I am grateful to live in a city that has such a vibrant arts scene, such a fun food culture, such great rural opportunities close to a fun and affordable urban core.

I move to Cincinnati in 2010, and it’s very much home now. I live in Mt. Washington with my husband, Michael. Together, we own Woodburn Games, a tabletop game store in East Walnut Hills. Outside of work, I enjoy playing tabletop games, running, cooking, reading, and relaxing with good friends and family. I am utterly devoted to my nieces and nephew: Maeve, Conor, and Áine.