Currently teaching (Fall 2022)

CORE 100: First-Year Seminar: Difficult Women

This seminar explores the concept of the “difficult woman” throughout history. Beginning with Medea and Eve, we consider these prototypes of difficult women—imperfect, vengeful, problematically maternal, hypersexualized, and more. We will look at how stereotypes of the difficult woman operate differently for BIPOC women, and how they intersect with racism, classism, ableism, and more. We will trace ideas about difficult women from literature, to film, to news/media, to the criminal justice system. The course asks how a more nuanced notion of femininity, gender, and power can contribute to the greater good, and how humanity is ill-served by fixating on ideas of difficult women.

We will engage with questions about difficult women from the perspectives of multiple disciplines. We will read fiction, but we will also discuss history, politics, public figures both current and historical, information technology and literacy, medicine, film, news, and social media.

ENGL 210: Methods Workshop

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to English as a field of academic study. You can think of ENGL 210 as a “starter kit” for the English Major or Minor.

Methods: you’ll learn about some of the common methodologies literary critics use to interpret texts, such as close reading and historical contextualization. You’ll also learn about the ways that scholars conduct and present research in the field of literary studies.

Workshop: unlike other English courses you may have taken, ENGL 210 will involve hands-on practice of key reading, thinking, research, and writing skills for the major and minor. We’ll dig deeply into what makes a good discussion of a text “work.” We’ll also practice the nitty-gritty skills involved in researching and writing about texts at the college level. By the end of the semester, you’ll have the skills to develop fruitful, critically-informed questions about texts, and the tools to pursue these questions.

Courses Taught Previously at Xavier

  • CORE 100: First-Year Seminar: Villains and Anti-Heroes (15 sections); First-Year Seminar: Difficult Women (4 sections)
  • English 115: Rhetoric (14 sections)
  • English 205: Literature and the Moral Imagination: Literature of Diversity (13 sections, including 2 fully online)
  • English 375: Literature and the Arts in Ireland (5 sections, Xavier Ireland summer program, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019)
  • English 361: Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Women’s Literacy (1 section)
  • English 376: Literature and the Arts in Britain, cross-listed as English 205: Literature and the Moral Imagination: Focus on Literature and Place (2 sections [1 team-taught with Jodi Wyett], Xavier London summer program, 2011 & 2013)
  • English 425: Shakespeare (13 sections, including 1 fully online, and two tutorials)
  • English 429: Renaissance Drama: Revenge on the Early Modern Stage (2 sections)
  • English 430: Seventeenth-Century Literature: Renaissance Heroisms (2 sections)
  • English 499: Senior Seminar: Adaptation and Appropriation (2 sections)
  • English 525: Shakespeare, graduate level (4 sections, including two cross-listed with 425)
  • Theater 305: Shakespeare in Performance (monthly guest lecturer: 10 semesters, 32 lectures)

Updated 30 September 2022